Top Flooring Trends of 2023: Beauty Meets Performance


Gone are the days when flooring was purely functional. Today’s flooring options are both stylish and durable, making them perfect for busy families and design enthusiasts alike. Here’s a look at what’s hot in flooring for 2023:

Light and Bright Wood

Light-colored wood floors with a touch of character remain a popular choice. White oak and walnut with lighter stains are especially trendy. Engineered wood is a good option for humid climates to avoid warping.

Statement-Making Large Tiles

Larger tiles in stone or porcelain create a dramatic, seamless look. Consider using these tiles on your floor and extending them up the wall for a luxurious touch in your kitchen or bathroom.

Playful Patterns and Muted Colors

Muted browns are replacing black as a popular floor color, complementing the warm tones and natural materials trending in design. Checkerboard patterns are a playful way to add personality, with both high-contrast and subtle variations being popular.

The Beauty of Neutrals

Neutral floors are timeless, but you can still add character with a mix of tones. Blends of warm and cool tones with matte or satin finishes are particularly popular.

Textured Appeal

Natural stone with a matte or honed finish adds richness and a unique touch to your space. Hand-scraped or wire-brushed wood creates a unique, inviting feel.

Performance Matters

Today’s vinyl and laminate floors offer cutting-edge performance with realistic textures, stylish prints, and features like waterproof technology and sound reduction. These floors are perfect for withstanding busy households.

Flooring that Reflects Your Style

Your flooring can tell a story about your home. Whether you choose light wood, dramatic tiles, or a playful pattern, your flooring should reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Information from Better Homes & Garden Blog by Patricia Shannon

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