Improve Your Bathroom with a Completely New Layout


Does your bathroom feel small, cramped, and completely inefficient? If your answer was yes, then you can relate to the hundreds of thousands of other people in the world that dislike their current bathroom space.

Now, did you know that by simply changing the layout of your bathroom, you can create more space and make it more efficient? Yes, it’s true! It won’t be a quick and easy project, but the end results will be beautiful and rewarding.

As you sit down with your local contractor to determine the layout of your new bathroom, you will want to be prepared with some basic answers to questions.

These questions include:

  • How many people use this bathroom?
  • Do you want a combination shower and bathtub or separate?
  • If separate, do you really need a soaking tub?
  • What items do you want to store in your bathroom?
  • What dream features would you desire?

By having answers to these questions, you will save a lot of time during the planning process and fewer changes will need to be completed during the entire renovation.

Starting with a clean slate in your bathroom will mean tearing everything up and removing it all. Your plumbing will need to be redone as will some of your electric. These two items will need to be completed before anything else can go into the space, which is why it is critical to have a plan in place before the work begins.

Here are a few things that we recommend for your new layout:

  • A double vanity is nice for when multiple people are using the space, but if that is not possible, then we suggest a vanity with one sink, some countertop space, and storage underneath.
  • A soaking tub is wonderful at the end of a long day, but it may not work in your new space. We suggest possibly installing a shower/bathtub combination with a deeper tub for soaking in.
  • Storage is quite necessary in a bathroom and you will need twice as much as you think that you do. Therefore, pull-out storage cabinets that can fit into smaller space are a wonderful option. They look quite similar to pull-out spice racks or pantries from a kitchen and you can customize them to fit all of your bathroom items.

Moving a toilet from one side of the bathroom to the other, removing items like soaking tubs that are never used, reconfiguring the shower, and installing a more functional vanity are only a few layout changes that you can make in your bathroom. Your local contractor can help you design this space so that it can be a room that you will not dread walking into every day. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream bathroom!

Design the Perfect Family Kitchen for Your Home


Kitchens are no longer used as a place to prepare meals and eat them. Instead, people like yourself are using them to sit and talk with family and friends, help their children with homework, pay their bills, and anything else that might come up while they’re in that space.

While some people might not agree with us, we do not think that it is a bad thing that kitchens are being used for more than just food. Time is precious and if we can all get some more family together time in the kitchen, it is a wonderful thing!

Here are 3 tips that we feel will help you design the perfect family kitchen for your home:

Keep it safe

Little ones can get themselves into anything and everything in no time at all, so we recommend taking the time to make sure that your kitchen is safe. You can choose to place locks on cabinets and drawers that are full of items that children should not touch or you can place those items in cabinets that are out of reach.

Save Space

There are numerous options available to you that will help you save space in your kitchen. A cutting board that pulls out from the counter right above a pull-out garbage can is one of the features that we love. Pull-out pantry cabinets, lazy Susans, and pull-out shelves are other options that we always recommend.

Personalize your kitchen

There are no rules that state that your kitchen needs to look exactly the same as everyone else’s. We recommend that you personalize it with an accent wall, a bold backsplash, family photos, or special mementos that you have collected during your travels. These personal touches will make you stop and smile every time you step into this space.

We know that your kitchen is always going to be busy, so there is one other thing that we would like to recommend. Children are always hungry, especially when you are in the middle of doing something. Therefore, we always recommend placing easy to grab snacks and drinks in an area that they can reach all by themselves. This will make your kitchen even more family friendly while you are staying sane at the same time. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream kitchen!

Create the Perfect High-End Shower for Your Remodeled Bathroom

Walk-in showers are becoming the new norm, because people want to relax at the end of a long day and not worry about being cramped inside a tub/shower combo. These walk-in showers are large and luxurious, so they meet everyone’s expectations.

Here are 7 things that you should incorporate as you are creating the perfect high-end shower for your remodeled bathroom:

  1. Go Frameless: A frameless shower will not only give you more space while you are under the water, it will also make your bathroom seem larger than it is, because you are not closing off any space.
  2. His and Hers: His and her showerheads are perfect for high-end showers, because no one is fighting for the warm water that is flowing out. Of course, they make showers even better for one person too, because they will have even more room to move and still be under the water.
  3. Add Seating: Not many people think about adding seating to their shower, but it can be incorporated into any design and style. This seating can be used when you have had a rough day or when you are not feeling well and need to sit down while in the shower.
  4. Add Waterproof Speakers: Music is a necessity when showering and it is one of the best things for waking people up in the morning and soothing them at night. Adding waterproof speakers inside your shower ensures that you won’t have to blast your music and wake up your neighbors, because the water won’t be able to drown out the tunes as it would if they were coming from another room.
  5. Take Advantage of a View: If you are one of the lucky ones who has an amazing view from their bathroom, we recommend that you take advantage of it. You can place a glass enclosed shower in front of a large window, so that you can see the view whenever you are in the bathroom. Oh, and don’t worry, they make windows that you can see out of, but not into, if you are worried about people walking by.
  6. Add Steam: Water is a nice feature inside a shower, obviously, but steam will make the entire experience even better. Imagine walking into your shower at the end of a very long day and being greeted by steam and warmth.
  7. Use Unique Materials: Showers do not need to only be tiled, you can also line the floor and the walls with slate, marble, and even river rocks. The possibilities are endless and you can choose to be unique and create a beautiful dream space.

Adding these features to your high-end shower will make your remodeled bathroom look better than you ever imagined. We know that you will want to use this new shower much more in the future and we bet that if anyone is ever looking for you, they’ll find you inside your new luxurious bathroom space.

We recommend that you dream big while planning your bathroom remodel. Instead of only thinking of your current needs, we suggest that you think long-term and plan for the future as well. Our goal is to help all homeowners in the greater Phoenix area design and build their ideal bathroom. We’ll help you make the tough decisions regarding materials, colors, lighting, and flooring. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream bathroom!

Add Pizzazz to Your Remodeled Kitchen with these Backsplash Material Ideas

Many people use tiles when they are installing the backsplash in their newly remodeled kitchen and while that is a great material to use, the end result does not always add as much visual appeal as some people desire.

Here are 6 types of backsplash that will add pizzazz to your remodeled kitchen:

  1. Bricks: Bricks can be used as backsplash and they add a rustic feel while also adding warmth to your space. While this material will not go with every style, it does work well with country, rustic, and industrial looking kitchens.
  2. Tin Tiles: Tin tiles are quite versatile and they are easy to install as well. They are available in numerous colors and designs, plus they are affordable too. Plus, many of the ornate designs will become conversation starters when you have company over.
  3. Chalkboard: Anyone who gets bored easily will want to try using chalkboard for the backsplash in their kitchen. With this material, you will be able to gather your family and friends and continuously create different designs in this space. You can also write the day’s menu on the wall, so that you are not continuously answering the infamous what’s for dinner question.
  4. Wood: Wood can be another inexpensive option for backsplash, especially if you just happen to find some reclaimed wood lying around. The wood will give your kitchen a warm and cozy feel without being overwhelming. The best part is that you can place the wood vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any other way that you can think of to create a unique and special design.
  5. Buttons: If you are planning on a vintage style for your kitchen, you may want to consider adding buttons to your list of possible backsplash ideas. All that you need to do is glue buttons of all shapes and sizes onto your wall.
  6. Photographs: Adding photographs to your backsplash is a great way to guarantee that no one else will have the same exact walls as you do. You can choose from family photos, famous people, or people that you have always admired. These photos can be regular size or you can enlarge them to cover more space and make them easier to see.

These are only a few of the options that are available for you to use for backsplashes in your new kitchen. The possibilities are practically endless and with a little imagination and ingenuity, you will be able to design a one of a kind backsplash that fits your style and needs.

Our goal is to help all homeowners in the greater Phoenix area design and build their ideal kitchen. We’ll help you make the tough decisions regarding materials, colors, lighting, and flooring. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream kitchen!

These 5 Items Will Transform Your Bathroom

It is possible to turn your basic bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary as long as you add the proper features during your bathroom remodel. Everyone has their own idea of what they want and need in their dream bathroom and your choices will be completely different than your friends, your neighbors, and your family.

Here are 5 items that will transform your bathroom:

Heated Floors

If you dislike waking up in the middle of the night and walking onto the cold floors in your bathroom, then we recommend that you install heated floors during the remodeling process. The radiant heating mats are placed underneath the flooring that you choose and will keep your feet warm even if you have the air conditioning on full blast.

Large Shower

Showers are becoming larger and if you have the space, we recommend that you install one that will fit two people. Dual rainforest showerheads allow everyone to be under the water at once and full-body jets will add a massage like experience during every shower. Plus, these showers can come in handy in the future if anyone in your family needs assistance while showering.


Ambiance lighting has always been necessary for long and relaxing soaks in the tub, but chromatherapy takes this a step further. The water in your shower or tub can be programmed to turn one of eight colors, depending on your mood for the day.

Heated Towel Drawer

Warm towels, warm robes, and warm pajamas can all be yours when you install a heated towel drawer in your bathroom. There is nothing better than stepping out of the shower or the tub and surrounding yourself with warmth as you are trying to forget about the long day you just survived.


Not every bathroom has a bar in it and yours can be one of the first to have this wonderful feature. You can use this space in many ways including a spot for your coffee maker, wine, or other beverages that you want to enjoy while you are relaxing in the tub, getting ready in the morning, or unwinding at the end of a long day.

Create the Bathroom You Deserve

We recommend that you dream big while planning your bathroom remodel. Instead of only thinking of your current needs, we suggest that you think long-term and plan for the future as well. Our goal is to help all homeowners in the greater Phoenix area design and build their ideal bathroom. We’ll help you make the tough decisions regarding materials, colors, lighting, and flooring. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream bathroom!

High-End Countertops for Your Remodeled Kitchen

Gone are the days when you have to install a basic countertop in your kitchen. There are so many choices available now and many of them will give your kitchen the high-end look that you have always dreamed of. The only thing standing between you and your dream kitchen is that first step. Are you ready? Here are four ideas to keep in mind when choosing your ideal countertop.

Here are 4 high-end countertops for your remodeled kitchen:


Granite has been the number one choice for countertops for a while now, mainly because it is available in a large variety of colors. This material can be cut into longer pieces too, so there are fewer seams when it is installed. The sealant that is used on the counter makes it stain resistant, but needs to be replaced every so often to keep it in excellent condition.


Not too many people want to install wood countertops, because they need to reapply the oily finish every four to six weeks to keep it looking nice. However, these counters are perfect for food prep and baking and the natural beauty adds warmth and style to any kitchen.


The newer concrete countertops are pre-poured and delivered completely finished, so there is no more waiting for the counters to dry during a remodel. The finished product is similar to a slab of natural stone and pigments can be added to the concrete to change the color of the finished countertop. You can even add shells or other objects to the concrete countertop to personalize it and make it more visually appealing. These countertops do not stain because of the sealant that is used.


Most people will not use marble counters throughout their entire kitchen, because the material is quite expensive. However, it does add an elegant and luxurious look to any kitchen space. We do recommend that if you do a lot of baking, that you consider installing a marble countertop in one area of your kitchen. The reason for that is the marble is the best material for rolling out dough for pies and cookies.

Match Your Countertop to Your Cooking Style

It is important to choose a countertop that will work with the way that you use your kitchen. If you continuously drop things, then a concrete countertop might not be the best choice, just like a marble countertop probably isn’t necessary if you do not do a lot of baking. However, the choice is yours and you need to choose the one that will turn your kitchen into the space of your dreams.

Our goal is to help all homeowners in the greater Phoenix area design and build their ideal kitchen. We’ll help you make the tough decisions regarding materials, colors, lighting, and flooring. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream kitchen!

Bathroom Remodeling 101: Where to Begin Your Bathroom Remodeling Journey


Do you dread walking into your existing bathroom? Is the space too small? Too crowded? Or has it just never been a space that you have loved? Many people in the Phoenix area purchase a home that isn’t quite perfect with the intention of remodeling it to perfection in time. That’s where we come in! We want to be your go-to builder for remodeling your bathroom.

First Step – Budget

Once you decide that it is time to remodel your bathroom, you will want to come up with a realistic budget. This amount should be what you can afford and that budget will allow you to get an idea of how expansive your remodel can be. A $5,000 remodeled bathroom won’t be as incredible as a $20,000 remodeled bathroom, but you can still do some pretty amazing stuff on a small budget.

Second Step – Make a List

As soon as you have your budget in mind, you will want to make a list of wants for your new bathroom. This list does not mean that every single item will be in your new bathroom. Instead, this list should be used as a guideline for when you are speaking with contractors about your remodel. After all, you want to have an idea of what you would like the space to look like before you meet with anyone.

You can mark specific things on the list that are must-haves. Must-have items always trump other items and we can help you get those must-have items while cutting the price in other areas.

Third Step – Talk with Contractors

We will be able to tell you how long the project will take and how much labor will cost according to your non-finalized plans. Once you have those figures, you will be able to determine how much money you have left to buy the materials that you will need. Do not be shocked if you end this meeting close to tears, because this whole remodel is going to cost a lot more than you thought that it would. This is why you had a list of wants instead of a list of yes, this is what my bathroom is going to have.

Fourth Step – Start the Planning Process

The next step in the process is planning out the entire project. You will want to take precise measurements of your bathroom and determine where everything will be located. To save money, you can use your existing plumbing and electrical and place your sink, toilet, tub, and shower accordingly.

It is important to know what materials you want to use and purchase them all before the project begins. This will save you time as you won’t have to wait for something that is on backorder because that one item can hold the rest of the project up for weeks.

Remember the Build Order

Make sure that you do the work inside your bathroom in order. There is no point in installing a new toilet if you need to pull it up to put in the new floor a couple of weeks later. The goal is to do everything in the correct sequence so that you are not backtracking and doing more work than necessary.

Enjoy Your New Bathroom

If you follow these steps, you should find that most of your bathroom remodeling journey will go smoothly. There are always bumps in the road when it comes to remodels, but if you are prepared for anything and everything, you will be able to manage these bumps calmly and efficiently. After all, the main goal is to have a beautiful bathroom that you love to use and you won’t have that until all the work is completed.

Call Tri-Lite Builders today at 480-895-3442 to discuss bathroom remodeling in the Phoenix area. We will help you choose the best materials and furnishings for your newly remodeled bathroom.

5 Incredible Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


You may be surprised when you hear that the cost of your upcoming kitchen remodeling project could be at least $20,000 and most likely even more than that. If that number has caused you to flinch a little bit, we want to reassure you that there are a few ways that you can save money while still getting the kitchen of your dreams.

Here are 5 incredible cost-saving ideas for your kitchen remodeling project:

  1. Be fully prepared. Okay that may be impossible, but aim to be as prepared as possible. The more prepared you are before the project begins means less money out of your pocket. You will want to have the design ready and have all your materials picked out and purchased before the remodeling project starts. This will save you money as well as the headaches that may occur when an item you have had your heart set on getting is not in stock and will take weeks before it can be delivered.
  2. Paint your cabinets. If your old cabinets are in fantastic condition and just look outdated, you can choose to cover them in a bright white paint. The paint will make them look fresh and new. We recommend that you do replace the hardware on your cabinets though, because it will enhance the visual appeal. You could even get really creative with your kitchen cabinets and fully customize them. Change the doors, stress the finish, remove a door or two and replace them with glass doors or stained glass for effect. Your options are endless.
  3. Be creative with your backsplash. The backsplash may be an important feature in every kitchen, but you can save money if you choose a low-key tile for the main backsplash and then go all out with a creative design near your sink and stove.
  4. Do not move your plumbing. One of the most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel is moving the plumbing. If you want to save some serious cash, design your new kitchen space around your existing plumbing.
  5. Use remnants. If you have small countertop areas in your kitchen, you may be able to go to a granite supply company and choose remnants for those areas. When you use remnants, you can save hundreds of dollars on your countertops alone. Consider a mix and match style kitchen with different countertops for the bar, the island, and the workspaces.

These ideas should help get you started on saving money during your kitchen remodel. There are many more ideas available and we can work with you to find ways to stay within your budget, without sacrificing the kitchen of your dreams. Call Tri-Lite Builders today at 480-895-3442 to discuss kitchen remodeling in the Phoenix area. We will help you choose the best materials and furnishings for your newly remodeled kitchen.

Take Your Bathroom from Ordinary to Spa-like with these 6 Tips


Off white walls, tiled floors, and shower curtains do not scream spa-like. Instead, they turn your bathroom into a cold, sterile space that you never want to spend time in because it’s so boring. You can achieve a spa-like appeal in your bathroom with just a few modifications to the colors, style, and furnishings.

Here are 6 tips that will take your bathroom from ordinary to spa-like in no time at all:

Use Natural Materials: Natural materials will add texture and visual appeal to your bathroom. Your tiled floor should be replaced with a pebbled tile floor. A pebbled floor feels amazing under your feet at any hour of the day or night and reduces the need to cover the flooring with rugs.

Add a Glass Door to Your Shower: Shower curtains are bulky and can get in the way, but a glass shower door will make your bathroom and shower look bigger. Consider creating a curbless natural stone tile shower so that the transition from flooring to shower is very slight.

Float the Vanity: There are several ways to give the illusion of a larger room and a floating vanity is one of them. The flooring can be seen from wall to wall when your vanity does not rest on the floor, which makes the room appear larger.

Install an Open Vanity or Linen Closet: Spas are always filled with rolled towels and baskets filled with beautiful items. You can achieve this same look when you install an open vanity or open shelving. Since the vanity is open on the bottom, it will automatically make your bathroom space look larger.

Add a Fireplace: There is nothing more relaxing that soaking in a tub while watching a fire slowly burn in a nearby fireplace. To increase the value of the fireplace, we recommend installing one that can be enjoyed from both the bathroom and the bedroom.

Add a Window: Many bathrooms do not have windows and if this is the case with your bathroom, we recommend installing one to introduce natural light to this space. A small window can be installed in the shower, so you can look out and not worry about people looking in or you can install a larger window near the tub. Special glass can be used to prevent anyone from looking in, but you will still be able to see the views of the outdoors.

Boring Bathroom to Spa Bathroom Makeover

Turning your bathroom into a spa can be very easy, although it may mean a major renovation. Give us a call at 480-895-3442 to discuss what you may be able to do with the space that you have available. You may find that you can create such a wonderful spa-like bathroom, that you may never need to go to a real spa ever again. Okay that may be over exaggerating it a bit, but you get the idea.

5 Appliances Every High-End Kitchen Needs


Kitchen appliances are changing and they are being designed to make your life easier. Fairly soon, you should be able to cook an entire meal without leaving your office chair. Well, maybe not an entire meal, but close enough.

Here are 5 appliances every high-end kitchen needs:

A Refrigerator with Cameras and Adjustable Temperatures

There are numerous refrigerators becoming available that will allow you to see what you have inside it when you are at the grocery store. You will never wonder if you are out of milk or eggs ever again! These refrigerators also feature a touch screen where you can write notes, order groceries, play music, and more. Certain refrigerators even have sections that you can change from a freezer into extra refrigerator space.

Smart Slow Cooker

Crock Pot has introduced a slow cooker that you can adjust the settings on from your office or any other place that you might be. You can use an app to turn the slow cooker on or change the temperature from high to low or even to the warm setting.

Synched Appliances

GE has created ChefConnect, which allows their Profile Series range to communicate with the microwave. ChefConnect is in its early stages, but the goal is to get the range, oven, and microwave to synchronize the cooking times for your entire meal and have everything read at the same time. No more wondering when you should start the microwave to heat up the veggies!

Brew Your Own Beer

The PicoBrew Zymatic will let you brew your own beer whenever you want. You can use an app to keep track of what you have brewed and how you liked each one.

Touch and Swipe Controls

Stoves and ovens are being designed with touch and swipe controls to make it easier for everyone to choose the exact temperature with a quick touch of a button. You will be in complete control of your stove and these controls are easier to keep clean than the traditional knobs.

Wants vs. Needs

We always recommend that people evaluate their needs vs. their wants when we’re designing the perfect custom kitchen. If you have a high-end kitchen, then you need several of these appliances. They are designed to make it easier for you to cook dinner and keep your kitchen organized and full of the foods that you love. After all, the ability to spend more time with your family and less time slaving over a hot range is what kitchen remodeling is all about.

Give us a call at 480-895-3442 to discuss your kitchen remodeling ideas with us. We’ll help you create a kitchen that you can be proud of for many years to come.

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