a pergola is remarkably versatile


A pergola is remarkably versatile The material a pergola is made of and where you place it in your garden or deck can turn it from a functional but basic structure into a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Extras can range from lights, ceiling fans, and adjustable overhead slats to entertainment systems, fire features, and outdoor kitchens…

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Cool Without Air Conditioning

6 Ways to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioner is a near-must in climates where months-long heat waves are a summer norm. And with that comes an equally scorching energy bill. Even in regions with gentler climates, homeowners can still experience enough hot days in a row to nearly go mad. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Whether you want…

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Must-Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

Expert Insights from Designers and Remodelers Designing a kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional can feel overwhelming. To help you prioritize, we surveyed design and remodeling professionals to find out the must-have features for a kitchen you’ll love. Here are the key elements they recommend focusing on: 1. Smart Storage Solutions: Kitchen cabinets are a…

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Where Should You Put The Kitchen Sink?

Where should you put the kitchen sink in your remodel?  Do you put it facing a window or your guests? In a corner or near the dishwasher? Here’s how to find the best place for the kitchen sink. To find your dream kitchen sink, you will likely spend a good amount of time browsing sink…

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A Letter to Your Clients: 10 Ways to Be a World-Class Client

By Mark Richardson, Pro-Remodelers (June 16, 2022) While I have spent most of my last 10 years as an author and advisor to remodeling business owners, I spent the prior 30 years creating joy in the life of homeowners through remodeling homes.  This column is a letter to your clients (and a guide to you)…

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How to Build a Color Palette in 5 Simple Steps

Color palettes are the secret to giving every makeover that tied together look, but how do you build one? We’re sharing some simple steps to help you build a color palette of your own for your next project. STEP 1: START WITH THE SPACE Unless you’re doing a floor-to-ceiling overhaul, the first place to start…

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Key Measurements

Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen

Get the ideal kitchen setup by understanding spatial relationships, key measurements, and work zones Whether you are moving into an existing kitchen, remodeling the one you have, or building a new one, understanding a few key measurements and organizational guidelines can help your culinary life run more smoothly. Kitchens provide storage for your food and…

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Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation Basics: What to Know About Spray Foam

Learn what exactly spray foam insulation is, the pros and cons of using it, and why you shouldn’t mess around with installation. While we all wish there were a single answer for any given problem, oftentimes that’s just not the case. This is true for material options for home spray foam insulation. Despite what the…

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10 Faucet Trends for Kitchens and Baths in 2022

See the latest styles, finishes, features, and other faucet trends featured at the recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show with this HOUZZ article.   Reading through it, we think you will find that different faucets may match your lifestyle better than others as well as determine the right fit for the right style in your kitchen…

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Resale Value


We are sharing this Houzz blog by Matt Clawson because we know you value your home remodel investment.  This blog has some great information about which home renovation projects can increase your remodel resale value. Houzz is a great resource where you can design your home, and browse 20 million interior design photos, home decor,…

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