The Perfect Sink for Your New Kitchen

Are you remodeling the kitchen and having problems choosing the perfect kitchen sink? There are so many to choose from; so many materials, shapes, and sizes, colors and styles. It’s difficult to know where to start your search if you aren’t sure how each of them would look. If you’ve been putting off making a decision because you simply don’t know how to choose the right kitchen sink for your newly remodeled kitchen, allow us to help simplify the decision.

Choosing the right kitchen sink depends on your cooking style as well as the style and the size of your kitchen. A standard stainless steel sink with two basins is very practical and traditional. This doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Take a look at all other options before you make up your mind. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

How Do You Cook?

Are you an avid cook and need a lot of space for prep and cleanup? A single basin sink that is deep and wide is a good option. A deep basin is versatile, because it has the space you need while cooking, and allows you to easily clean large pots and pans. Since you’ll be running the dishwasher most of the time, you probably won’t need that double basin sink.

How Big is the Kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen a large kitchen sink will overwhelm the space. Consider installing a smaller sink that’s the perfect fit for your small kitchen. The sink should flow well with the rest of the room, the sink can make a statement or not stand out and draw attention.  This is where form and function converge.  Your personal style combines with the size of the kitchen in consideration of the product selection.

What Materials are in Your New Kitchen?

When it comes to material, there are a multitude of options, stainless steel is potentially the most popular. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and more durable the stainless steel sink will be. High-gauge options are thinner, and therefore more likely to dent and scratch easily. Despite the benefits of stainless steel sinks, there are a range of materials to choose from. Copper, cast iron, fireclay, porcelain, silgranit, and natural stones are a few options.  It’s okay to go with something else, as long as it fits well into the surrounding materials.

What Shape Sink Do You Prefer?

Once you have those key issues decided you can play around with the other features, such as shape, e.g. curved vs. angular shaped. The traditional sink is rectangle or square. That doesn’t mean your new sink has to conform to that standard. Go out on a limb and choose something truly unique if it suits you.

Functionality and Durability Over Appearance

The kitchen sink is a big part of your daily life, so you want to make sure it’s functional and long-lasting. Choose a durable material that increases the overall functionality of your kitchen while looking amazing. But never sacrifice durability for appearance.

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Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink holds the most important place in a kitchen just like the kitchen holds the most important place in a home. It is the most frequently used appliance in the kitchen even when compared to the oven or dishwasher. The kitchen sink is one of the most important decisions you will make while planning your new kitchen because it is the only appliance that is not portable and can’t be moved if you decide the placement is wrong.

Your choice in kitchen sinks will affect your daily kitchen time for many years. As such there are some quite important features that need to be considered while selecting a sink. Let’s take a look at a few very important things to keep in mind.

Type of Sink

The sinks can be classified into different types depending upon the method of installation. The top-mount sink is the easiest to install as the sink is fixed into a hole in the counter. The disadvantage with this type is that the debris of food particles get caught up in the space between the basin and the countertop and you have to regularly clean it up with a brush.

The second type, the under-mount sink is installed under the counter and are supported from beneath by the cabinet structure. They are easy to clean as you can clean your countertop perfectly by wiping out all the smallest food particles directly into the basin.

There is another type of sink, the flush-mount sink, that is installed into the countertop and cut properly to make sure the top rim of the sink is in level with the worktop. It allows easy cleaning and seamless work surface.

Number of Basins

While deciding the number of basins in the sink, you have to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of the configurations, consider your daily activities and daily sink utilization.

  • Single large basin kitchen sinks allow ease of washing of big pans and other large dishes. They offer plenty of space to stack dishes while you’re still busy working on other things. The downside is that you have to juggle with the vegetables while washing them and you may run into the issue of dishes being in the way of cleaning foods during food prep.
  • The traditional two basin sink is very popular, but presents the disadvantage that you cannot wash large dishes easily in it.
  • Sinks having two or three basins of different sizes allow you to prepare food easily in the smaller one while washing large dishes in the bigger basin. The size of the sink is determined by the size of the kitchen; large sinks for big kitchens while small sinks or single bowl sinks for small kitchens.

Sink Material

If you are looking for a cost effective, usable and durable material, stainless steel is the best choice. It has a shiny and smooth look and can be cleaned easily just by wiping with a clean cloth. There are other options including ceramic, cast iron, fireclay, and other metals. Cast iron does not go well with under-mount sink because it is quite heavy and requires a strong base to be supported while fire-clay is durable and classy but an expensive option.

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