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Kitchen Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen remodeling will bring up a variety of questions and many decisions will need to be made along the way to the finished project. We offer you these questions and our answers to some of our most frequently asked kitchen remodeling questions. Take a look at our blog as well for many great ideas and lists for planning your next remodel! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call (480) 895-3442 or email us ([email protected]).

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It depends on the size, complexity, and features of your remodel. It will take a few discussions and the design phase to determine the cost. However, we focus on service to our clients no matter the size of their budget.

Again, it will depend on the size, complexity, and features of your remodel. We will work together to develop your desires for your new kitchen. We will begin with our design phase where we will blend your ideas with our kitchen remodeling skills to come up with various options that will ultimately lead to the perfect plan for your new kitchen. Typically, a kitchen remodel will take six weeks.

We usually start by asking you questions about how you and your family use your kitchen. We need to know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you have a wish list and photos, we would like to see them. Our goal is to see your home and future kitchen through your eyes. Then we can add our expertise to the mix to develop the design for your new kitchen.

This is one of the most popular models we do for homeowners. By opening the kitchen to the living areas of the home, both areas benefit from the creation of a more family-friendly floor plan. An open concept kitchen may be simple or complex. Either way, we can do the work it takes to design the changes and complete them from cut-off to an open concept kitchen floor plan.

The older your home is, the more likely your kitchen is cut off from the living and entertaining areas. By removing all or part of the wall separating your kitchen from the living areas, you can transform both spaces. Today’s lifestyle is not as formal as it once was. Formal dining rooms and isolated kitchens do not work with how most families intermingle and socialize today. Opening up these spaces will transform, not only your home but your gatherings with family and friends.

It is possible to add propane gas to any home for cooking or a fireplace feature. Gas appliances will need to be specially jetted for propane gas. We will need to have a suitable outdoor area to locate the large storage tank and run the new gas pipe to the needed indoor areas.

You may want to consider induction cooking. It offers precise control of both temperature and timing as well as simple cleaning and safety features. The top is totally smooth and doesn’t get hot when in use. It works well with all cookware except for glass or aluminum pots and pans.

Usually, it will not be a problem if we are doing a similar cabinet layout. If you have extra tile we can also make adjustments if necessary. If we are adding an island or a few extra cabinets it will not be an issue.

It depends on your needs and usage. Hard surface counters such as granite or quartz are the most widely used surface at this time. Their price varies. Granite has more veining and movements in its look. Quartz countertops have a uniform pattern and color. They will hold up as well as or better than granite. We are an Authorized Dealer of ForzaStone.


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