How Much Will This Project Cost?

Clients deserve a straight answer, but getting it requires an honest conversation.

Everyone wants to get as much value as possible for their investment and that makes the balance between cost and value a high priority for many remodeling clients. Not surprisingly, a lot of people approach the remodeler with costs gleaned from internet articles. Those articles typically say it should cost X dollars for a simple bath, from Y to Z for a full kitchen remodel, and so on.

We encourage people to do their own research, but we also caution that such numbers should be considered a starting point.

Some clients get fixated on the online numbers but do not take the time to define exactly what products and details those numbers represent, or how closely the products and details match the products and details the clients want in their home. This is a recipe for miscommunication.

We understand the need to simplify a complex subject like estimating costs, but there is also a more fundamental issue at work. Yes, clients want to know if they can afford a given remodeler, but they also want assurance that the remodeler will be a good steward of their budget, their vision, and their home. It is up to the remodeler to provide that assurance.

While a professional remodeling company relies on proven, scientific management systems, creating an accurate budget is still as much craft as a science. No ethical company will quote a hard price before asking for more information, because doing so would risk misleading the client.

The remodeler is tasked with helping the clients realize a very personal vision for their home. Because each vision is unique, estimating the cost of that vision requires the clients to answer some questions.

How much will this project cost?

First, we need an overview of what the project will include. Will the proposed kitchen remodel include relocating walls or removing the ceiling to create a cathedral? Do the homeowners want stock cabinets or custom ones? Do they want the new space to match the other rooms in the home? A colonial-style home with intricate moldings will have different material and labor costs than a modern structure with minimal trim.

We also need to define the level of interior finishes the homeowners want. Generic terms like “medium grade” are not too helpful, but we can clarify expectations by starting with some easy questions, like their preferences between two levels of plumbing fixtures, flooring, windows, or siding.

After creating this baseline, we can then show plans and photos from completed projects. And we can often provide a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to do something similar in their home.

The conversation is also a chance for the remodeler to clarify the clients’ expectations, as well as learning about their remodeling history. For instance, if their last project went over budget, we could explain how taking the time upfront to write clear specifications can eliminate that problem. If their home was not treated with the care they expected, then we can demonstrate how our processes ensure that it will be.

Ultimately, what most people want is the assurance that they are working with someone they can trust. A good remodeler earns that trust by investing the time and effort needed to understand all the variables involved, by using that information to calculate an accurate price, and by making sure all the clients’ concerns are addressed before work starts. Clients deserve nothing less.

We’ve included this link to the review of 2020’s best personal loans by MONEY.COM (June 24, 2020) to help you determine if a personal loan would help you finance your dream remodel. The article is meant to break down what it means to get a personal loan and how to go about getting one while reviewing national lenders.

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5 Questions for Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets you choose will make a huge difference in the way your kitchen looks and operates. Cabinets aren’t simply a place to store things; they can provide other functionality as well. We cannot stress the importance of choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets strongly enough. We’ve put together a series of questions that will help you make the best possible choice for your cabinetry.

  1. What overall functionality do you need from your cabinetry? A smart car can’t do a job that requires a pickup truck. Your cabinetry needs to be designed around the functionality you require.
  2. Do you prefer stock, semi-custom, or fully custom cabinets? Stock cabinetry is sold from your local home improvement store. They’re sitting on the shelf and ready to be picked up whenever you’re ready to use them. You can choose from finished or unfinished wood, so they can be somewhat customized as far as stain and finish. Semi-custom cabinetry is generally available at a more specialized kitchen supply store, and fully custom cabinets are built on request because they’re made to order.
  3. How do you plan to stay within budget for your entire remodeling project? Cabinets eat up a large portion of every kitchen remodeling project. The cabinets you choose will ultimately dictate other material types you can use without going over budget. We recommend going into the project with a plan and the understanding that if you splurge in one area you have to take away from another area. Let’s say you want fully custom cabinetry, opt for a butcher block or solid surface countertop instead of granite, quartz, or marble.
  4. Are custom cabinets practical? This depends entirely on how you use your kitchen and what you will use your cabinets for – refer to our first question. As we stated above, a smart car can’t do a job that requires a pickup truck. Standard cabinetry is a series of boxes with stationary shelves. You are the only person who can decide whether or not custom cabinetry is right for you.
  5. How do you decide? Custom cabinetry, semi-custom, stock, open shelving, or some combination of all…? We understand that these are difficult decisions to make and we will help you as much as possible. But the ultimate decision is yours and yours alone. Your entire kitchen should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and the way you use your kitchen. Everyone cooks at some point, but not everyone cooks exactly like you do.

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