Phoenix Home Remodel

Phoenix Home Remodeling: Trends, Tips, and Making it Shine

The Phoenix housing market might be adjusting, but homeowners are still prioritizing their spaces. In fact, 2024 Phoenix home remodeling is all about intentionality, maximizing value, and creating comfortable, functional havens. Let’s explore key trends and considerations to elevate your home this year: Trending in Phoenix Home Remodeling 2024 Considerations for Your Home Remodel Making…

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ADU: Is an In-Law Unit Right for Your Property?

Most urban and suburban lots are governed by zoning ordinances and laws that (among other things) restrict the number of dwellings allowed on a given lot. A dwelling (including an Accessory Dwelling Unit – ADU) is technically defined as a place for habitation that contains cooking, sleeping, and bathing facilities. By limiting many lots to…

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How to Create a Joyful, Clutter-Free Kitchen

From quick weekday breakfasts to special-occasion dinners planned and prepared with care, the kitchen is nearly always a hub of household activity — which also means it’s a common place for clutter to accumulate. Here we look at ways of clearing the clutter and creating a beautiful, useful space in the kitchen. Clear the Clutter…

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Home Priorities Shift as Pandemic Reshapes How We Live

The pandemic permanently changed the way we use our homes. Gone are the days of sprawling mansions – today’s homeowners crave comfort, functionality, and spaces that can adapt to our new work-from-home reality. Here’s a look at what’s trending in home design: Cozy Comfort Home Offices Take Center Stage Planning for the Future Home Entertainment…

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holiday season

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Season Burnout

If your holiday season is anything like mine used to be, it’s lots of fun but hardly relaxing. Our holidays involve party hosting and potluck meal prepping, gift shopping and wrapping, school and work events, and of course the ever-busy jobs. Since most members of my family and my husband’s live locally, we have multiple get-togethers to…

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12 Custom Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Bathroom

There are a lot of details, both big and small, to think about when designing or remodeling a bathroom. And I believe that to create a space that truly works for you, investing extra time and money on custom storage in the planning stages will be worth it in the long run. Here are 12 custom storage…

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How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right

Like a blank page or canvas, an empty room can be either an opportunity or a challenge. With so many ways to fill it, how do you know where to start? I’ve taken some of the basic rules of furniture arrangement and distilled them into 10 simple tips. They’ll help you work with your interior designer…

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Well-Functioning House

10 Keys to a Well-Functioning House

The design of a house can have a profound effect on how we feel, but we often attribute this to aesthetics. In fact, it’s about so much more including creating a well-functioning house. Good design should enhance our experience of a space, and the way a room looks is almost the icing on the cake.…

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Dream Kitchen Must-Haves: From Practical to Luxurious

When designing your dream kitchen, it’s okay to dream big! Here is a compiled list of 11 features that will elevate your kitchen from functional to fabulous. Some are splurge-worthy, while others are practical upgrades that will make your life easier. 1. Quartz Countertops Quartz offers the beauty of natural stone like granite or marble,…

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compact home bar

Liven Up Your Space with a Compact Home Bar

While a sprawling basement pub might not be in the cards, a well-designed home bar can add personality and functionality to your home, even in a limited footprint. Here, designers share their tips for creating stylish and efficient home beverage stations. 1. Basement Bonus Room This basement media room incorporates a full-service bar with a…

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