Where Designers Would Spend and Save in a Kitchen

Our experts suggest where to splurge and where to trim the budget when redesigning your kitchen Written by Julie Butterworth, Houzz Contributor, and homes, architecture, and property journalist.   A budget helps you to know where to save and where to spend.  From appliances and fixtures to countertops and cabinets, a healthy balance of investment and…

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basic rules of furniture arrangement

How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right

Like a blank page or canvas, an empty room can be either an opportunity or a challenge. With so many ways to fill it, how do you know where to start? I’ve taken some of the basic rules of furniture arrangement and distilled them into 10 simple tips. They’ll help you work with your interior designer…

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kitchen island

10 Kitchen Island Features Pros Always Recommend

A kitchen island offers many benefits — an extra countertop, more storage, a place where family and guests can sit, and improved circulation. But while the advantages of an island may seem straightforward, designing one isn’t. There are countless considerations that go into how an island looks and functions. To narrow down the options a…

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Common Decorating Mistakes


If you’re scratching your head over why the decor in your home leaves you feeling slightly underwhelmed, a remedy — or at least an improvement — may be just a few moves away. Whether it’s a bland room, a paint color you’re not quite sure about, or throw pillows that refuse to sit right, here…

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Green Remodeling


Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, it’s a great opportunity for making your home more sustainable (environmentally friendly). From finding local materials to designing easy-to-clean spaces with an eye to the future, here are six expert insights you need to know if you’re eager to go green. Kipnis Architecture + Planning Making Your Home…

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Hiring an Interior Designer


When most people think about hiring an interior designer, they zero in on aesthetics: wall colors, window treatments, and pillow patterns. But that’s just scratching the surface of what a designer can add to a home. These pros go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that a space feels harmonious through and through, from its floor…

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How to Store Kitchen Tools


They say the key to organization is a place for everything and everything in its place. This is true for even the smallest items, such as your kitchen utensils. These include your everyday flatware as well as the many small but mighty cooking tools a serious chef requires. Here are some of my favorite options…

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Kitchen Sink

Where Should You Put The Kitchen Sink?

Where should you put the kitchen sink in your remodel?  Do you put it facing a window or your guests? In a corner or near the dishwasher? Here’s how to find the best place for the kitchen sink. To find your dream kitchen sink, you will likely spend a good amount of time browsing sink…

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Kitchen Sinks

Single Bowl vs. Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Top designers weigh in on the merits of single and double-bowl kitchen sinks Since the invention of the sink, homeowners and designers have been debating the merits of single-bowl vs. double-bowl kitchen sinks. On the one hand, a double basin makes washing dishes a snap. One side serves to hold soapy water and dirty dishes…

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color palette

How to Build a Color Palette in 5 Simple Steps

Color palettes are the secret to giving every makeover that tied together look, but how do you build one? We’re sharing some simple steps to help you build a color palette of your own for your next project. STEP 1: START WITH THE SPACE Unless you’re doing a floor-to-ceiling overhaul, the first place to start…

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