Fireplace Built-In Feature

NARI of Greater Phoenix CotY Gold Award
Residential Feature Over $50,000
NARI of Greater Phoenix CotY Gold Award Residential Feature Over $50,000

National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Greater Phoenix



Fireplace Built-In Feature Goals

  • Update the style for their personal preference
  • Create a space to maximize the fit of a current size and proportion TV
  • Utilize an electric fireplace unit for safety, critter-free flue so that warmth and ambiance can always set the mood
  • Create space for the priceless bronze sculptures left by the client’s father

Before the remodel, the balance of the entertainment center and fireplace felt forced and very traditional, not meant for today’s television size.  Now, the new fireplace built-in feature utilizes the entire recessed opening in the living room making it a balanced, symmetrical focal point.

In planning the fireplace built-in, we created a space for each item the homeowner hoped to place in the unit.  For her, she wanted to showcase the bronze sculptures and for him, a market trader, the most important feature of the living room was the space for the TV. He keeps an eye on the market throughout the day, so the size of the scroll needed to be ample. The 70” TV is large while not being too large.

From the vantage point of the workstation you can see:

  • The spaces flow seamlessly together in style.
  • Traffic flow around and through is ample.
  • The lighting works well to curate the mood at any time of day.

Custom Cabinetry in Fireplace Built-In

  • Continuity of style repeated with the cabinet finish and door style, from the kitchen to the new built-in to continue the rhythm of the home.
  • Custom millwork for the built-in was hand-milled off-site and cut to fit each element. The vertical columns and panels were installed after the porcelain.
  • Accent Lighting highlights the beauty and texture of the wood, the sculptures, and the art.  The fireplace unit adds warmth and ambiance with the changing color of the flame and embers.

This exceptional creation showcases our client’s cherished sculptures, a large TV, and an electric fireplace within custom cabinetry and shelves clad with large format porcelain. Now, this multi-faceted focal point is the superstar of the home.

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