Blend Design and Functionality with Recessed Storage


Open floor plans are becoming even more popular among today’s homeowners. It is clear that creative methods will be necessary for keeping clutter out of the way. Most people simply do not want to add another cabinet, build more shelves, or do anything that intrudes on their living space. The solution is the use of recessed storage, and you may be surprised at the many ideal spots in your home where this can be installed.

  1. Behind the door shoe storage. It can be difficult to find the ideal space for all your shoes. Lateral, open storage behind your bedroom door can make shoe selection easy, and you will always know where to find them.
  2. The kitchen. This space offers a wealth of opportunities for recessed storage. Hidden panels can secure items you will not need to use often. The special tableware that you save for special occasions doesn’t need to be kept on the min shelves. You can even put in a hidden pantry in your kitchen.
  3. The bathroom. Keeping your bath products in the bathroom saves time, and ensure that you have access to them when you need them. Recessed storage in the bathroom also helps to keep the space tidy. This type of storage can also work for a bathroom that lacks a medicine cabinet.
  4. Children’s bedrooms. Kids have a hard time keeping their rooms tidy, so recessed storage could be the perfect solution. They can put away books, toys and other items, and they can decorate the door with posters and artwork.
  5. The blank walls of your home’s hallways can be put to good use. The thickness of the walls will limit the kinds of items you can store, but it can still help to keep your home organized. Ideas for utilizing these spaces for storage are jewelry, books, stationery and various knickknacks.

Creating Recessed Storage

Determine the extent of your storage needs before you start planning where your new storage area will live. Mark the locations where you want to keep certain items for the sake of organization, and to ensure easy access. Before any work starts, you need to know the location of electrical wires, pipes and vents. You will be using a wall cavity, so there should be no obstructions.

It is unwise to attempt this as a do-it-yourself project if you lack experience with this type of work. Give us a call or message us on Facebook to talk about ways to create hidden storage. If you are planning some work like an addition to your home, this is a good chance to look at, and deal with your storage needs.

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Countertop Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen


Kitchen remodeling is exciting. We enjoy watching homeowners consider one idea over another one, this color or that? The individual choices you make for each area of your kitchen are what set it apart from every other kitchen in the neighborhood. Eventually, you will have to choose the right ceiling, lighting, backsplash, wall color, cabinets… but for now, let’s start with the countertops. Here are 15great countertop ideas that may help you make that final leap into the remodeling arena.

Countertop Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home –  Wood

  • Reclaimed Wood – Wood from your great grandfather’s old barn that you love is a great way to bring a piece of history into your kitchen. However, please be aware that reclaimed wood should be thoroughly examined for pests and rot before use. It is more expensive than many other countertop choices and installation cost will be higher. Maintenance of this type of material may drive some people crazy. These counters need to be routinely re-sanded and refinished to keep up with the porous openings inherent to the wood.
  • Butcher Block – Using butcher block as a part of your countertop is an excellent idea. It is extremely durable for cutting and placing hot plates. Butcher block is easy to maintain by using a little mineral oil on it regularly.
  • Mahogany – This reddish tented wood carries a rich, subtle beauty that will make your countertops pop. The richness of color has a timeless appeal. Be aware of maintenance issues, as with all wood products.
  • Teak – Bring a bit of the ocean into your home with teak countertops. Teak works especially well in the bathroom. Shower seats are often constructed of this material.

Countertop Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home – Metal

  • Zinc – Zinc is an incredible metal that provides an industrial appeal and develops an amazing patina in time. Zinc naturally resists mold and mildew and it is anti-bacterial. On the down side, zinc warps and scratches easily, so it is imperative to use trivets and cutting boards when working on this surface.
  • Stainless Steel- Another metal that is perfectly acceptable tp use in the kitchen. Millions of commercial kitchens use this surface. Stainless steel is resistant to water, heat and stains. It is non-porous, so germs, mold and bacteria have no where to hide. Stainless steel looks perfect in a modern kitchen, although some people feel it looks cold and industrial. There are a few draw backs to using stainless steel as your countertop material. For one, it will scratch. Two, it can dent. Three, it is noisy. These problems can be lessened by; using a cutting board to prevent scratches and investing in a heavier gauge stainless and have it professionally installed over a hardwood substrate. As for the noise level, if you find the clanging pots and pans to be extremely annoying, this may not be the countertop material for you.

Countertop Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home – Stone

  • Quartz – Quarts countertops are extremely popular because of their durability and the extreme variances in color and veining. It is one of earth’s strongest materials and the second most common mineral in the world. Quartz countertops are comprised of 93% crushed quartz crystals and 7% polymers. Along with other duties, the polymers allow color transitions making quartz available in a wide variety of gorgeous colors. This work surface is heat resistant, stain resistant and almost scratch proof. Quartz countertops practically pay for themselves as they are so popular and add a great deal of value to your home. Quartz comes from the Alps, Madagascar, Brazil, Japan, New York and Arkansas.
  • Quartzite – Quartzite is a very dense natural stone that can be cut into a pretty amazing countertop. It is actually harder than glass and can cut into it. Quartzite, in it’s purist form,  is often mistaken for white marble. Impurities add incredible patterns and colors. A true quartzite will not etch from acidic foods. Quartzite can withstand more wear and tear than other countertop materials. It is more expensive than granite and comes from quarries in the Appalachian Mountains, Texas, Utah and Minnesota.
  • Granite – One of the most popular, durable and elegant countertop materials available, granite is both heat and stain resistant. It can take a lot of abuse and is a perfect material for families with young children. Granite countertops are available in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. Granite will continue to look gorgeous years after it has been installed, as long as it is sealed. It will also add to the resale value of your home.

Countertop Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home – More Stones

  • Marble – An all-time favorite in some of the most beautiful kitchens in the world, marble is truly timeless. The variation in colors and veining make each piece very unique. Marble is distinctive, elegant and stunning. There are drawbacks to using this material on a countertop, especially in a kitchen. Countertops take a lot of abuse in a kitchen setting and it is common for marble to etch, chip, scratch and stain. It is rare for a marble countertop to look as good as when it was installed, even in as few as 1-2 tears after installation. Stains are difficult, if not impossible to remove and they will occur even if the stone is sealed. Marble is often used in a bathroom setting, please be aware that it will etch from shaving creams, toothpastes, soaps and make-up.
  • Soapstone- It actually contains talc, among other minerals and some varieties will leave talc on your skin when you touch it. Soapstone holds heat and retains it for long periods of time. It is stain resistant, non-porous and can handle high heat. When quarried, it is a pale gray in color with light veining. A richer, darker gray color can be achieved by either using mineral oil or letting it naturally age with time. You can easily tell if the counters need to be re-oiled if a water spill leaves a mark after being wiped off. Minor scratches will go away with an oiling, but major ones will need to be sanded out with a fine sandpaper. Never use harsh abrasives on soapstone, as it would damage the surface.

Countertop Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home – Solid Surface

  • Corian- This is the oldest and most popular manufacturer of solid surface materials for countertops. The composition is approximately 33% binding agents and 66% minerals, making it both non-porous and stain resistant. The manufacturer does recommend using a trivet under hot pans to prevent warping. Color pigments give Corian a great variety of color/pattern options. One of their series has complex, non-repeating patterns that emulate natural stones like granite and marble. Another series has flecks of silver and gold that give it reflective qualities that can make your counters “pop.” The latest series called “Charging Surface” uses an adapter attached to your mobile device that then allows you to charge the device by simply placing it on the countertop. Corian can be easily cleaned with soap and water, commercial cleaners, even ammonia based cleaners. Be aware that window cleaner will leave a residue behind that dulls the finish of Corian. Hard water stains are easy to remove with a non-abrasive pad.


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Phoenix Home and Garden 2017 Garden Tour


Phoenix Home and Garden 2017 Garden Tour is on Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 10am to 4pm.


First of all, this exciting event hosted by the esteemed Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, is not to be missed. Valley residents and visitors alike will have an exclusive opportunity to tour some of the amazing gardens here, in the Valley of the Sun. In addition to a self-guided tour, you may run into professionals in the industry of Landscape Design, Gardeners, Magazine Editors and even some plant lovers! The tour will take place, rain or shine, in and around Paradise Valley. Finally, come out and have your gardening interests piqued. As a result, you may become a philanthropist, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Desert Botanical Gardens.


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In conclusion, here are some pictures of Gardens in the Valley of Homework Remodels clients’.

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