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Universal Design Certified Remodeler

Universal design will benefit every kitchen, bathroom, and home addition remodel that you may be planning. It is one of the fasting growing remodeling trends in the industry. It is also very misunderstood. Long gone are the days of a sterile, commercial looking spaces. Today, we are able to create a wonderful place for you and your family, whatever their abilities, to enjoy for years to come. In fact, according to AARP, most people would rather age-in-place than be forced to live in an assisted living facility. Not to mention the cost of such a facility. Why pay upwards of $3000 a month when you can be perfectly comfortable and safe in your home? A Universal Design Certified Remodeler will make sure your remodel suits you now and suits you later.

Universal design is all about making your home work better for you and your family. We’ve been trained to look beyond the usual to take more things into consideration as we design your upcoming remodel. Sometimes it’s about something obvious like a family member with access limitations, sometimes it’s about designing a beautiful new space that pleases you now and continues to offer you features that will serve as the years pass.

We build many curb-less showers for people because they like their beauty and ease of access. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise how well it works for you if you were to have a sports injury in the future or a visiting family member with access issues. This is just one small example of how universal design principles blend seamlessly with beautiful remodeling.

We would love to show you we integrate universal design to take your remodel to a higher level.

If you would like to have nationally certified professionals work with you to remodel your home, contact us for an in-home project consultation and budget range estimation.

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