April 24, 2017 Steve Shinn, CR

Take Your Bathroom from Ordinary to Spa-like with these 6 Tips


Off white walls, tiled floors, and shower curtains do not scream spa-like. Instead, they turn your bathroom into a cold, sterile space that you never want to spend time in because it’s so boring. You can achieve a spa-like appeal in your bathroom with just a few modifications to the colors, style, and furnishings.

Here are 6 tips that will take your bathroom from ordinary to spa-like in no time at all:

Use Natural Materials: Natural materials will add texture and visual appeal to your bathroom. Your tiled floor should be replaced with a pebbled tile floor. A pebbled floor feels amazing under your feet at any hour of the day or night and reduces the need to cover the flooring with rugs.

Add a Glass Door to Your Shower: Shower curtains are bulky and can get in the way, but a glass shower door will make your bathroom and shower look bigger. Consider creating a curbless natural stone tile shower so that the transition from flooring to shower is very slight.

Float the Vanity: There are several ways to give the illusion of a larger room and a floating vanity is one of them. The flooring can be seen from wall to wall when your vanity does not rest on the floor, which makes the room appear larger.

Install an Open Vanity or Linen Closet: Spas are always filled with rolled towels and baskets filled with beautiful items. You can achieve this same look when you install an open vanity or open shelving. Since the vanity is open on the bottom, it will automatically make your bathroom space look larger.

Add a Fireplace: There is nothing more relaxing that soaking in a tub while watching a fire slowly burn in a nearby fireplace. To increase the value of the fireplace, we recommend installing one that can be enjoyed from both the bathroom and the bedroom.

Add a Window: Many bathrooms do not have windows and if this is the case with your bathroom, we recommend installing one to introduce natural light to this space. A small window can be installed in the shower, so you can look out and not worry about people looking in or you can install a larger window near the tub. Special glass can be used to prevent anyone from looking in, but you will still be able to see the views of the outdoors.

Boring Bathroom to Spa Bathroom Makeover

Turning your bathroom into a spa can be very easy, although it may mean a major renovation. Give us a call at 480-895-3442 to discuss what you may be able to do with the space that you have available. You may find that you can create such a wonderful spa-like bathroom, that you may never need to go to a real spa ever again. Okay that may be over exaggerating it a bit, but you get the idea.