January 20, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

Renovate Your Bathroom to Grow with You and Your Family

While we would like to think that our bathrooms will continue to meet the needs of our growing families, we know that that is never going to happen easily. After all, our babies are going to grow into toddlers, and then rambunctious children, then teenagers, and then they will be back visiting with a whole new generation for the cycle to begin all over again. Or we hope that they will just be visiting!

Add More Space

There are numerous things that you can do to renovate your bathroom to grow with you and your family. First, you can go bigger if it all possible. Bumping out an external wall or shifting an internal wall can make a huge difference in how much space is in your bathroom.

Discuss Your Plans with a Bathroom Designer

Once you have determined how big your bathroom is going to be, whether you love the size or not, it is time to bring in an expert to plan the layout. You may be wondering why, especially since everything is already in place, but the layout that you have might not make the most sense. Our designers can help you decide whether there is a better location for every item that will streamline everything and make your bathroom a better space.

Redesign Your Bathroom

Next up is the ergonomics of your bathroom and how you and your family do everything in the bathroom. This could be as simple as adding a step stool for a toddler to adding lever door handles instead of door knobs for the future.

Consider Privacy

Privacy is key in any bathroom and if multiple people may be using this space at the same time, you may want to consider having numerous zones. The toilet can be in a separate space behind a closable door, while a shower is tucked away behind another wall. Of course, these options are only possible if you have the space for them.

Ensure Storage Needs are Exceeded

Storage is a must in any bathroom, so you will want to make sure that you have enough for every stage of your life. We always recommend installing at least twice as much as you think that you will need, but in this case, you may want to install even more since you want this room to grow with your family.

Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix

Preparing your bathroom for the future is not going to be an easy task, which is why you are going to need the help of a professional. They will be able to ask you the questions that you probably never even considered and that will help you determine what you will and will not need in this space. Although, try as you might, you still may find yourself making changes to your bathroom as your family grows. After all, we all cannot truly guarantee what the future holds and what was important to us a decade ago may not be important to us a decade in the future. Call us at 480-895-3442 to start the bathroom remodeling process with us.