Our client loves their Ocotillo Lakes lifestyle. Offering all the benefits of Southwest living in the security of a close-knit community, entertaining easily became a highlight for this home nestled gracefully at water’s edge. But even with that breathtaking view, as their daily routines shifted and life relaxed, our homeowners knew it was time to breathe life into all the ideas and visions they imagined over the years and recreate the space to better fit their lifestyle.

As one of the highest priorities, indoor entertaining was not working well with the floor plan. It lacked in form and flow, feigning a dated and builder grade finish. The living room, dining area, and kitchen each felt separated, isolating guests into (segregated, sequestered) clusters while the hub of entertaining – the kitchen island – was exactly that; an island unto itself, socially awkward and poorly situated for full functionality.

Another reason so many homeowners call us in to renovate? It was out-with-the over-sized, under-used tub and lackluster shower, and in-with-an exquisite master-suite bathroom oasis that is as safe as it is luxurious.

Removing a number of walls, we started by relocating and reconfiguring what was essentially the kitchen. Accommodating a small workspace at its end wall, a new, especially spacious, walk-in pantry now offers coveted food and storage space, which opened a generous portion of the old space to the kitchen for the gourmet functionality and entertaining accommodation so desired by our clients. Their new entertainment hub now boasts plenty of natural light, top of the line appliances, and a current, yet timeless, hard wood floor throughout. Carrying this open idea into a laundry area, we opened and enlarged the laundry room to include a craft and arts area, adding ample workspace and storage with a cabinets and counter finish to compliment the kitchen, finishing it with the name brand, top of the line appliances.

We added a new electric fireplace with a built-in TV and sound system, and updated the lighting throughout the home, ultimately successfully delivering on every idea our discerning homeowners had for upgrades and improvements, in nearly every corner of the house.

It was truly our pleasure to join the happy homeowners for their housewarming party in celebration of the remodel, and incredibly pleased to see how well this one-of-a-kind masterpiece entertained their friends and family in the manner they had always dreamed.