Award Winning Custom Kitchen Remodel

2014 Greater Phoenix NARI Contractor of the Year Award Winner

Residential Kitchen Remodel $40,000 – $80,000

This custom kitchen remodel demonstrates the value of our 3D illustrations of our proposed changes as we work with our homeowners designing their custom spaces. Our design clients love how this process makes it easy to visualize how the new room will look and function.

This custom kitchen remodel started with a good sized list of goals for our finished transformation. The existing kitchen’s cabinetry had served well for may years, but wear and tear as well as it’s dated style made it obvious that it was time for a totally new kitchen.

One of our primary objectives for this  custom kitchen remodel was to design a new floor plan that would open up the kitchen and create more counter space and allow for more effective storage space. The existing kitchen had a walk in pantry that had become a clutter while using up a good amount of floor space. The kitchens poor cabinet selections and arrangement promoted haphazard storage of may things on top of the original tile counter tops making it even harder to find work space to prepare meals or lay food out for family and friends while entertaining.

We took a fresh look at the total floor plan in order to come up with a way to reconfigure the kitchen to create an entirely new work area with plenty of counter space and it’s own prep sink. The new counter space would also lend itself well to laying out food for holiday get togethers that our homeowners looked forward to hosting.

A big part of our kitchen remodel plan involved removing the walk in pantry and replace it with custom pantry cabinets with large storage drawers and pull out storage areas that would display everything and keep things organized. Other similar cabinets were designed and built to house and organize the owners household records and files. The resulting efficiency of storage has effectively kept all of the new granite counter tops free of clutter and the pantry totally organized.

After removing the pantry closet we relocated a coat closet that also intruded into the kitchen floor space into the the area that had previously been the back of the pantry. The remaining pantry area was a perfect place to relocate the new stainless steel refrigerator. By placing the new custom pantry cabinets next to the relocated coat closet and refrigerator, it made the refrigerator look built in.

One of our challenges during this kitchen remodel was the flooring. The homeowners liked the existing wood flooring that was in the original kitchen and extended into the adjoining large family room. They did have a modest amount of left over wood that we could use to adjust the floor plan. We were lucky that we were able to work with the remnants to fill in the new kitchen floor space and prevent the replacement of a large area of expensive flooring.

Another major challenge to this custom kitchen remodel was the ceiling height. The home’s two story structure prevented us from raising the ceiling. We were able to open a large area to add a chandelier to add light as well as give more of a feeling of ceiling height. The second major change we made to raise the feeling of the ceiling was to replace the original large box-like exhaust hood with an ultra modern and sleek recessed exhaust hood. It’s attractive looks and powerful performance worked perfect to raise the look of the ceiling as well as to open the view between the kitchen and the adjoining family room. A bonus is that the owners enjoys the hoods remote control and LED lighting.

Other lighting features include LED under-cabinet lighting as well as LED recessed lighting. The new LED lighting is much longer lasting than standard lighting options as well as much more cost effective to operate. Another major benefit to the LED recessed lighting is that they don’t generate the heat that typical halogen lighting radiates. This is all the more important when the ceiling is low and you are standing under a recessed light.

The custom designed and built cabinets are all frameless full-faced done in cherry wood with classic shaker style doors. The various computer generated pictures of the cabinets and the room layout were used during the design phase of the project to help the homeowners visualize and approve of their new custom kitchen remodel.