Tempe Master Bathroom

We designed this shower to meet the needs of the homeowners. An infant child made it necessary to re-design the master bathroom to be more kid friendly. We added a tiered bench and hand-held shower for easier bathing. The floor tile and shower tiles had bright colors to attract the youngster’s attention.

While the main focus of the master bathroom remodel was to make it kid friendly, we were also able to provide a new vanity with double sinks and replaced glass block in the wall with an insulated window. These changes made the bathroom more attractive and more functional.

An additional challenge with this project was keeping the homeowners involved in the remodel while they were in another country. Using a blog page just for them with lots of photos allowed them to see exactly how well the work was progressing.

If you’d like a master bathroom remodel like this one, you can figure on a budget of $25,000 to $35,000, depending on the options selected.