December 21, 2016 Steve Shinn, CR

Five Suggestions for a Luxury Bathroom Makeover

Cost isn’t the only thing you should focus on when you’re designing a luxury bathroom. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects are desirable for the potential return on investment, so luxury upgrades can deliver even more value. This type of makeover gives any homeowner even more options for creating a remarkable space. Some great ideas for a modern luxury bathroom that you can enjoy for many years are:

  • Walk-in Shower:  As far as some people are concerned, no luxury bathroom is complete without a walk-in steam shower. This offers the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. A vapor feature imitates a rainforest setting, something you would usually have to go to a spa to experience. A spa shower should have multiple shower heads that are adjustable. Seating for one or two persons can enhance the experience.
  • High-end Automated Toilet: Toilets have come a long way, and now they offer more features than just water conservation. Many types flush automatically, or come with touch screen controls. Luxury toilets can now wash and dry users. Now you can even find the toilet at night without turning on lights due to special built-in lighting.
  • Entertainment:  Adding entertainment features is important for some remodeling jobs. With waterproof control you can access music or watch videos, or keep up with the latest news. Bathroom tech products now include high-end speakers and electronics that respond to voice commands.
  • Luxury bathtubs: Many luxury bathrooms can fit both a large shower and a spa tub, giving you the best of both worlds. You can make your choices based on style, features or both. A marble tub is elegant, and it can work in any setting. Infinity tubs are perfect for the spa bathroom. Other great options include sunken tubs and whirlpool bathtubs.
  • Heated Flooring: Stepping into a cold floor can detract from your spa-like experience. You will not have to use it in warmer months, but contributes to a relaxing setting in winter. The cost will depend on the type of heating, and the square footage of your bathroom.

In the past, homeowners and contractors alike focused on functionality when it was time to remodel the bathroom. Now comfort and luxury and important hallmarks of these types of renovations. In addition to the changes mentioned above, explore smaller luxury features such as lighting and faucets.

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