December 21, 2016 Steve Shinn, CR

Easy Ways to Create a Retro Kitchen

While some people look to the future when they want to remodel their kitchens, others use preceding years or decades as inspiration. Whether or not this makes the project cheaper or more costly comes down to the specifics. In some cases a few minor changes might be enough to give a kitchen a retro look. Some homeowners may want their retro kitchen to take the form of an overall makeover. Here are some ways to achieve a retro look in your kitchen.

  • Blending different textures. Even with modern fixtures in your kitchen you can evoke some old world charm by getting different textures to work together. Instead of sleek metal cabinet finishes, opt for natural wood with metal accessories. Juxtaposing glossy and matte finishes adds warmth and creates an interesting visual as well.
  • Use checkered tile. While this will has to be balanced with other elements of the space, it can effectively create that retro look. You can consider a number of color combinations, but basic black and white works best for many people.
  • Be selective with your hardware. The range of kitchen accessories has expanded dramatically over the years, so choosing retro products can become confusing. Older knobs, handles and pulls often had more ornate designs than the types in use today. Brass, wood and glass were popular materials for accessories in the past.
  • Choose the right color scheme. You will have a variety of color options and blends for a retro looking kitchen. Basic black and white is one of the simplest blends for anyone who wants a classic feel. For the more adventurous, reds, mint or teal combined with whites, will make a bold statement.
  • Try stainless steel lighting fixtures. The clean, smooth look of stainless steel adds the right touch to a retro setting. Candelabra style and pendant lighting fixtures with this finish are understated but effective at creating old world style.

You can use other design touches to create a classic look whether you want luxury, or a simpler kitchen. A breakfast counter with padded stools is one option you can consider. If you are a stickler for detail, you can look around for older style appliances and retro utensils and cookware. If you have to change your cabinets and countertops this can add significantly to the cost of the project. Talk to your contractor about the possibility of making changes to these areas if you would prefer to avoid these major changes.

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