July 20, 2017 Steve Shinn, CR

Create the Perfect High-End Shower for Your Remodeled Bathroom

Walk-in showers are becoming the new norm, because people want to relax at the end of a long day and not worry about being cramped inside a tub/shower combo. These walk-in showers are large and luxurious, so they meet everyone’s expectations.

Here are 7 things that you should incorporate as you are creating the perfect high-end shower for your remodeled bathroom:

  1. Go Frameless: A frameless shower will not only give you more space while you are under the water, it will also make your bathroom seem larger than it is, because you are not closing off any space.
  2. His and Hers: His and her showerheads are perfect for high-end showers, because no one is fighting for the warm water that is flowing out. Of course, they make showers even better for one person too, because they will have even more room to move and still be under the water.
  3. Add Seating: Not many people think about adding seating to their shower, but it can be incorporated into any design and style. This seating can be used when you have had a rough day or when you are not feeling well and need to sit down while in the shower.
  4. Add Waterproof Speakers: Music is a necessity when showering and it is one of the best things for waking people up in the morning and soothing them at night. Adding waterproof speakers inside your shower ensures that you won’t have to blast your music and wake up your neighbors, because the water won’t be able to drown out the tunes as it would if they were coming from another room.
  5. Take Advantage of a View: If you are one of the lucky ones who has an amazing view from their bathroom, we recommend that you take advantage of it. You can place a glass enclosed shower in front of a large window, so that you can see the view whenever you are in the bathroom. Oh, and don’t worry, they make windows that you can see out of, but not into, if you are worried about people walking by.
  6. Add Steam: Water is a nice feature inside a shower, obviously, but steam will make the entire experience even better. Imagine walking into your shower at the end of a very long day and being greeted by steam and warmth.
  7. Use Unique Materials: Showers do not need to only be tiled, you can also line the floor and the walls with slate, marble, and even river rocks. The possibilities are endless and you can choose to be unique and create a beautiful dream space.

Adding these features to your high-end shower will make your remodeled bathroom look better than you ever imagined. We know that you will want to use this new shower much more in the future and we bet that if anyone is ever looking for you, they’ll find you inside your new luxurious bathroom space.

We recommend that you dream big while planning your bathroom remodel. Instead of only thinking of your current needs, we suggest that you think long-term and plan for the future as well. Our goal is to help all homeowners in the greater Phoenix area design and build their ideal bathroom. We’ll help you make the tough decisions regarding materials, colors, lighting, and flooring. Call us at 480-895-3442 to schedule an appointment with us to start making plans. Let us help you take those first steps toward your dream bathroom!