November 30, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

Consider These 5 Things as You Plan to Remodel Your Kitchen Before the Holidays Arrive

Do you use your kitchen differently during the holidays? We bet that you do, because we know that we are doing different things in ours once this busy season arrives. If you are trying to plan a kitchen remodel before the holidays arrive, we urge you to keep in mind that you will need this space to work differently at certain times of the year. This way, you can incorporate those things into your new space.

Here are 5 things to consider as you plan to remodel your kitchen before the holidays arrive:

Incorporate Out of the Way Seating

Seating is quite necessary in a kitchen, but we understand that you don’t always want to be bumping into chairs and benches. We encourage you to try to incorporate seating that will be out of your way when you are planning your kitchen remodel. Install a lounging area on a wall or under a window for the ultimate in comfort. Add some vibrant cushions on top and even add storage below, so you never need to worry about where you are putting all those extra holiday kitchen items.

Add a Fireplace

There is nothing cozier than a fireplace, especially during the holiday season. The dancing flames will add ambiance to the room, while creating a focal point and a place for everyone to gather.

Add Open Shelves or Glass Fronts on Cabinets

Displaying special dishes and décor out in the open will make your kitchen look more inviting, plus when people can see things, they do not need to ask where to find a glass or plate. We do not think that you should go overboard with open shelving though, as couple of shelves will do. Any more may make your kitchen look cluttered or overwhelming. However, you can never go wrong with glass fronts on cabinets, as long as you can keep everything inside nice and neat.

Install Garbage and Recycling Areas

We understand that you do not want your garbage can out in the middle of your kitchen floor but storing a small garbage can under your kitchen sink can be just as annoying. Your guests might want to throw things away as you are cleaning up a few dishes or they will be continuously asking you where the garbage is located. We recommend installing pull-out drawers that can store your garbage and recycling cans and even leaving them ajar, so everyone can find them easily during parties.

Create a Drink Area

Everyone loves grabbing a cup of coffee or tea after their meal, and you can make it much easier for everyone by installing a drink area in your newly remodeled kitchen. A coffee pot that makes individual cups can be placed in this area, as well as cups, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, stirrers, and maybe even some hot cocoa for the children.

Don’t worry, you will appreciate all these renovation ideas at any time of the year, so do not think that you can only use them during the holiday season. Instead, incorporate them into your new kitchen and then utilize them any time that you wish. You’ll be happy that you included them!