October 23, 2017 Steve Shinn, CR

9 Whole Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

We want to start by saying that this is your home we’re talking about. We want to help you maximize space and create an amazing before and after story with your whole home renovation. We’ve seen some pretty serious home renovation mistakes and stories online, so we want to help you avoid those. Let’s take a look at 9 whole home renovation mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not Thinking about the Future: This is a big one! Renovate your home with space to spare – think wide hallways and doorways, and a roomy kitchen and bathroom. Failure to think about the future could mean another remodel is required if you become reliant on a walker or wheelchair.
  2. Lack of Planning: Lack of proper planning or rushed planning means mistakes will be made. Planning is the most important first step of any project.
  3. Skipping Prep Work: We get it. Prep work takes time. But the problem comes down to the fact that experience can only take you so far in a project. Proper prep work can mean the difference between a successful project and complete failure.
  4. Cheap Materials: You aren’t really saving money if those cost-saving semi-custom cabinets wear out quickly or the cheaper flooring shows wear within a year. Avoid cheap materials, but look for good bargains and inexpensive prices on quality materials. The difference between cheap and inexpensive is astronomical.
  5. Inaccurate Measurements: You’ve probably heard a carpenter use the phrase, “measure twice, cut once.” That simply means that you have to be accurate in your measurements or the entire thing will be off.
  6. Early Demolition: A whole home remodeling project doesn’t mean everything has to be stripped out. This goes back to lack of proper planning and preparation.
  7. Small Bathrooms and Closets: It’s great if you can renovate your home to include another bathroom, half bath, or closet. But don’t build a 3×5 foot bathroom just for the sake of adding a half bath. You barely have the room to install a toilet and sink in a room that size and it hardly suffices for a relevant closet space.
  8. Overlooking Lighting: Properly lighting your home is extremely important. Modifying a wall creates new lines of sight and shadows as well. Make sure you’ve also modified the lighting to work with the new rooms.
  9. Following Too Many Trends: We understand wanting to go with the flow and use trendy items in your renovation. But choose trends that have some staying power or you’ll be ready to renovate again next year. Keep in mind that “trendy” often means short term.

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