December 26, 2017 Steve Shinn, CR

7 Things You Should Consider Now During a Kitchen Remodel to Stay in Your Home as You Get Older


None of us want to think about getting older, but let’s face it, it is going to happen eventually. The best thing we can do is plan for it, and be prepared for whatever comes our way. Thankfully, there are numerous things that we can do inside our current homes that will allow us to stay there forever, so that we never need to move or change our routines.

Here are 7 things that you should consider now during a kitchen remodel to stay in your home as you get older:

Pullout Pantry

Shelves in a pantry are wonderful, until you find that you need to climb up to get things or reach or bend down, and you can’t. Pullout pantries are much better, because they can be accessible whether you are still mobile, or if you are using a walker or a wheelchair. The pullout shelves or drawers can be easily manipulated with one hand and it is simple to place things in and take things out.

Rounded Countertop Edges

Actually, we recommend making sure that all the edges in your kitchen are rounded in addition to your countertops. As you age, you have a tendency to bump into things more often, and those sharper edges can cause bumps and bruises easily.

Move Your Sink Closer to the Stove

You may find that it is easy to carry large pots of water to the stove now, but as you get older, that pot is going to feel heavier. While moving the sink closer to the stove is a great option, you may even want to consider placing a faucet over your stove, so that you can fill your pots right there.

Move Your Microwave

If you have your microwave above your stove, now is the time to move it. The best spot for it in the future is going to be on the counter, or even underneath the counter. This will make it easier to reach, and put things in and take things out.

Replace Cabinets with Drawers

Cabinets can cause you to stack multiple items on top of each other, and oftentimes cabinets can reach the ceiling. Drawers, on the other hand, can be easier to load and unload, plus you won’t need to climb on a stool. The drawers can also be helpful for replacing your cabinets near the floor as you will not need to get down on your hands and knees to search through them.

Allow for Space

You never know when you will need a walker or a wheelchair in the future, so you will want to allow for extra clearance in your kitchen. The regular guidelines only suggest 36 inches of clearance, but the ADA guidelines recommend between 40 and 60 inches depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Choose Slip Resistant Flooring

No one wants to fall as they are walking through their kitchen, so we recommend installing slip resistant flooring. This type of flooring will not get as slippery even when something is spilled on it.

Kitchen Remodeling and Aging in Place in Phoenix

We recommend taking care of these items now, especially if you are already planning on tackling a kitchen remodel. That way, you will not need to make any changes in the future, and you will be ready if something unexpected happens. We can also make other recommendations that you will benefit from. Call us at 480-895-3442 if you’re in Phoenix or the surrounding area and would like to discuss remodeling your kitchen with us.