October 1, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

6 Bathroom Remodeling Tips that Will Help Keep Your Project on Track

We know that you want to increase the value of your home, while also creating a bathroom that you want to spend time in every day of the week. We also know that you want to do all this without tearing your hair out and spending a small fortune!

We can help you with all that as we make sure that you end up with a remodeled bathroom that you love in a short amount of time and still have money left over.
Here are 6 bathroom remodeling tips that will help keep your project on track:

Don’t Make Changes

As you go along with your bathroom remodel, it is going to be so easy to change your mind on certain things that you planned. However, we caution against this, as all those changes can add time and money to your project.

Plan for the Unexpected

Something always goes wrong during construction projects, which is why we always urge people to plan for the unexpected. We do recommend that homeowners like yourself find the blueprints for their home, so that they know where the plumbing and electrical wires are located. A little exploratory work can also show potential issues before the work begins, so budgets can be adjusted accordingly. However, we do still recommend that you keep at least ten percent of your budget set aside for any issues that do pop up. That will save you time and the hassle from needing to make crucial decisions quickly that can affect the outcome of the work.

Get Prepared

A bathroom remodel is major construction and it is going to take time! That means that it could be days or weeks before you can use this room in your house again. If this is your only bathroom, you will want to make other arrangements for the duration of the project.

Choose the Proper Products and Materials

You may have fallen in love with those marble countertops and wooden floors but are they the best materials for your bathroom? After all, marble can get stained and damaged easily and wooden floors can get damaged from a lot of water. We know that you only want to do this remodel once, so make sure that you choose the materials that will last forever.

Double Check Dimensions

We know what it is like to walk into a showroom and spot the bathtub of our dreams! But, we also know what it is like to show up at a house with that same bathtub and have it not fit in the space! Please doublecheck your dimensions before ordering anything or you may be delayed with returns and new purchases.

Spend Money Wisely

We understand wanting to save money, but sometimes the best ways to save is by spending a little more in the beginning. By purchasing quality materials that are a little pricier, you may find that you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs or replacements in the future.

These six tips will help keep you and your bathroom remodeling project on track, so that you end up with a completely remodeled room and all your hair still in place. You will still run into problems, as this is construction! But, you will be able to handle them better since you know what you are dealing with.