August 27, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

6 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You Can Avoid with Proper Planning

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, which is why we want to make sure that you know what you shouldn’t do as you are going through the entire process. After all, why do the work more than once or spend more money than you need to during your quest for a magnificent bathroom!

Here are 6 bathroom remodeling mistakes you can avoid with proper planning:

  1. Not Having a Detailed Plan before You Begin: A bathroom remodel cannot be accomplished unless you have a very detailed plan ready to use, because you may end up tearing out things that you shouldn’t or keeping things in place that really need to go.
  2. Moving Fixtures: One of the worst things that you can do during a bathroom remodel is move the fixtures around, because it increases the amount of money that you will need to spend to do the entire project. We recommend that you consider whether it is worth a few thousand extra dollars to have your toilet or shower in a new location.
  3. Not Considering the Function of the Space: So many homeowners are focused on how beautiful their bathroom will look afterwards that they completely forget that it needs to be functional as well. We recommend not making this mistake and instead thinking about how you will use the space and how you can make it work best for you and your family.
  4. Hiring the Person with the Lowest Quote: It always seems like a good idea to hire the person who gives you the lowest quote, because at least you will be saving some cash. However, that low quote may come with subpar materials or subpar work. All the money you saved is not going to look so good when you need to spend that plus more to have the work completed again so that your bathroom looks nice.
  5. Not Setting Aside Part of Your Budget: We try to make sure that all the homeowners we work with set aside at least ten percent of their budget for all those unexpected situations. After all, you never know if there is mold behind the walls, a leaky pipe, or other damage that will need to be taken care of before the rest of your bathroom can be renovated. If you do not set this money aside, you may find that you will need to cut back in other areas to stay within budget.
  6. Not Choosing the Right Materials: Bathrooms get wet, which means that there is a lot of moisture in the air, and the materials that you choose should be able to survive all that water. While you may think that a wood floor will be fine in your bathroom, because your family will just be careful to not get it wet, we both know that that will never happen. We recommend that you choose materials that will last for the long haul, so that you will not be redoing your bathroom again in a couple of years.

It takes a lot of time and money to complete a bathroom renovation, which is why we don’t want to see you make the same mistakes as many other homeowners have. If you keep these six things in mind, your bathroom renovation should finish on time and on budget with very few issues coming up in the process.