5 Tips to Increase the Size of Your Bedroom

You may think that you have the smallest bedroom in the country, but before you lay claim to that idea, think of all those tiny miniscule apartments that people live in in New York City… Yep, their entire apartment may be smaller than your tiny bedroom! Now that we have put everything into perspective, let’s talk about how we can increase the size of your bedroom to make it look and feel larger than it is.

Here are 5 tips to increase the size of your bedroom:

Remove Anything that Shouldn’t Be There

We all have items in our bedrooms that shouldn’t be in there, and one of the easiest ways to make a room larger is to remove all those things and put them somewhere else. No one really needs three small tables in their room or stacks upon stacks of books waiting to be read. Remove a table or two and take all but a couple of those books to another room until you are ready to read them at night. Remove all the old mail and to do lists that have been piling up and take your children’s toys out of there while you are at it.

Add Storage

Notice how we are telling you to add storage after we tell you to remove everything that you didn’t need? If we put this tip before the decluttering step, you would feel obligated to keep everything in your room and continue to find a space for it. By decluttering first, you can now add in the storage for the items that you actually need and want in this space. This will help keep things from wandering back into your bedroom too.

Organize and then Organize Some More

Organization is key to keeping bedrooms and other rooms looking bigger. Everything in your bedroom should have a home and that is where it should be located at all times. The minute that you find that you cannot put something away, you will need to begin to reorganize everything to find a way to get it all to fit or start purging once again.

Paint Your Bedroom a Light Color

Painting a light color on the walls of your bedroom will make it look much larger than it really is, because the light will reflect off the paint.

Don’t Clutter the Walls

As you are adding storage options and determining where you want things to be in your bedroom, we caution you to try to keep as many things off your walls as possible. Walls that are crammed with photos, art work, and shelving will make your room appear smaller once again.

You may need to be a little creative to get your bedroom looking and feeling larger than it really is, but it is possible to do. Try to look at your room as an open canvas, like you have never seen it before, and find a way to turn it into the oasis that you have always dreamed of.

3 Tips to Decide if You Should DIY or Hire a Professional for Your Next Project

Projects around the house can be time-consuming and expensive, and many people decide to do the work themselves in hopes of saving some money. However, a do it yourself mindset is not always the best route to go, especially if it may end up costing more in the end.

Here are 3 tips to decide if you should DIY or hire a professional for your next project:

Your Skill Level and Knowledge

Laying tile in your new bathroom might seem easy enough, until you realize that you have no idea what you are doing! The same holds true for electrical work, plumbing, and sometimes even painting. The time that it takes you to complete projects that you know nothing about and the extra money that you may spend to replace the items that you did wrong, once or twice, may make the DIY option more expensive and time-consuming. For those scenarios, it is always better to hire a professional and know that everything is going to be done properly and efficiently.

Determine the Cost of Each

There are many instances where you can do a project on your own and save money, but there are a few that may end up costing you more at the end, especially once you have factored in your time. Sometimes the savings that you see from a do it yourself project isn’t worth the headache of what you will need to deal with when doing the work. The best way to find your savings is to add up all the costs that you will see if you do the work yourself and then compare it to the cost of hiring a professional. If the difference is not that much, you may want to hire the professional and sit and relax while they do all the work.

Proper Tools

Having the proper tools is a necessity for any do it yourself project, and you may find your savings dwindling quickly if you need to go out and purchase or rent a tool or two. Not everyone is blessed with a complete tool collection, especially for jobs that include cutting tiles or some other obscure job. Some tools are very expensive and not worth owning if you are only going to use them once. In circumstances like these, we urge you to go the professional route, as you’ll save more money.

Sometimes it is easy to decide whether to do a job yourself or hire a professional, but there are times when the choice may not be as clear. These tips should help you make up your mind, and you can always check with a professional to see what they have to say about a do it yourself option. If they are true professionals, they will give you an honest answer that may not always benefit them. Give us a call when you find yourself at a similar crossroad. We’ll help you make the tough decisions that need to be made.

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