Bathroom Remodeling 101: Where to Begin Your Bathroom Remodeling Journey


Do you dread walking into your existing bathroom? Is the space too small? Too crowded? Or has it just never been a space that you have loved? Many people in the Phoenix area purchase a home that isn’t quite perfect with the intention of remodeling it to perfection in time. That’s where we come in! We want to be your go-to builder for remodeling your bathroom.

First Step – Budget

Once you decide that it is time to remodel your bathroom, you will want to come up with a realistic budget. This amount should be what you can afford and that budget will allow you to get an idea of how expansive your remodel can be. A $5,000 remodeled bathroom won’t be as incredible as a $20,000 remodeled bathroom, but you can still do some pretty amazing stuff on a small budget.

Second Step – Make a List

As soon as you have your budget in mind, you will want to make a list of wants for your new bathroom. This list does not mean that every single item will be in your new bathroom. Instead, this list should be used as a guideline for when you are speaking with contractors about your remodel. After all, you want to have an idea of what you would like the space to look like before you meet with anyone.

You can mark specific things on the list that are must-haves. Must-have items always trump other items and we can help you get those must-have items while cutting the price in other areas.

Third Step – Talk with Contractors

We will be able to tell you how long the project will take and how much labor will cost according to your non-finalized plans. Once you have those figures, you will be able to determine how much money you have left to buy the materials that you will need. Do not be shocked if you end this meeting close to tears, because this whole remodel is going to cost a lot more than you thought that it would. This is why you had a list of wants instead of a list of yes, this is what my bathroom is going to have.

Fourth Step – Start the Planning Process

The next step in the process is planning out the entire project. You will want to take precise measurements of your bathroom and determine where everything will be located. To save money, you can use your existing plumbing and electrical and place your sink, toilet, tub, and shower accordingly.

It is important to know what materials you want to use and purchase them all before the project begins. This will save you time as you won’t have to wait for something that is on backorder because that one item can hold the rest of the project up for weeks.

Remember the Build Order

Make sure that you do the work inside your bathroom in order. There is no point in installing a new toilet if you need to pull it up to put in the new floor a couple of weeks later. The goal is to do everything in the correct sequence so that you are not backtracking and doing more work than necessary.

Enjoy Your New Bathroom

If you follow these steps, you should find that most of your bathroom remodeling journey will go smoothly. There are always bumps in the road when it comes to remodels, but if you are prepared for anything and everything, you will be able to manage these bumps calmly and efficiently. After all, the main goal is to have a beautiful bathroom that you love to use and you won’t have that until all the work is completed.

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5 Incredible Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


You may be surprised when you hear that the cost of your upcoming kitchen remodeling project could be at least $20,000 and most likely even more than that. If that number has caused you to flinch a little bit, we want to reassure you that there are a few ways that you can save money while still getting the kitchen of your dreams.

Here are 5 incredible cost-saving ideas for your kitchen remodeling project:

  1. Be fully prepared. Okay that may be impossible, but aim to be as prepared as possible. The more prepared you are before the project begins means less money out of your pocket. You will want to have the design ready and have all your materials picked out and purchased before the remodeling project starts. This will save you money as well as the headaches that may occur when an item you have had your heart set on getting is not in stock and will take weeks before it can be delivered.
  2. Paint your cabinets. If your old cabinets are in fantastic condition and just look outdated, you can choose to cover them in a bright white paint. The paint will make them look fresh and new. We recommend that you do replace the hardware on your cabinets though, because it will enhance the visual appeal. You could even get really creative with your kitchen cabinets and fully customize them. Change the doors, stress the finish, remove a door or two and replace them with glass doors or stained glass for effect. Your options are endless.
  3. Be creative with your backsplash. The backsplash may be an important feature in every kitchen, but you can save money if you choose a low-key tile for the main backsplash and then go all out with a creative design near your sink and stove.
  4. Do not move your plumbing. One of the most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel is moving the plumbing. If you want to save some serious cash, design your new kitchen space around your existing plumbing.
  5. Use remnants. If you have small countertop areas in your kitchen, you may be able to go to a granite supply company and choose remnants for those areas. When you use remnants, you can save hundreds of dollars on your countertops alone. Consider a mix and match style kitchen with different countertops for the bar, the island, and the workspaces.

These ideas should help get you started on saving money during your kitchen remodel. There are many more ideas available and we can work with you to find ways to stay within your budget, without sacrificing the kitchen of your dreams. Call Tri-Lite Builders today at 480-895-3442 to discuss kitchen remodeling in the Phoenix area. We will help you choose the best materials and furnishings for your newly remodeled kitchen.

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